Droitwich Knee Clinic

02 Jun

My colleagues and I have been using the Worcestershire Imaging Centre’s excellent services for many years. They have been providing us with a superb level of imaging with their up to date software and hardware.

With us, over the years, they have accumulated a vast experience in the imaging and interpretation of the MRI scans of the knees including sports injuries and more advanced arthritic problems.

The Imaging Centre is staffed by an excellent group of experienced radiographers who take a very professional approach to imaging some of the complex problems we tend to deal with. Their experience allows them the initiative to choose and alter the appropriate MRI protocol in order to get the required information for the clinician.

The Worcestershire Imaging Centre is also blessed with a number of very experienced radiologists. From my point of view, their expertise with musculoskeletal problems over many years is next to none.

We work very closely with staff and consultants at the Worcestershire Imaging Centre. They attend our clinical meetings on a regular basis and we learn off each other, auditing one another’s work by demonstrating and discussing MRI findings in comparison with arthroscopic operative findings later.

We are very blessed to have the Worcestershire Imaging Centre in such close proximity to the Knee Clinic here in Droitwich and have, as a result of our close co-operation published a number of studies in scientific journals as well as collaborating in setting up lectures and courses for clinicians, physiotherapist and radiology trainees at various venues.

Droitwich Knee Clinic
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