MRI scanner upgrade completed

28 Jan

We are very pleased to announce that we have successfully completed a major £1/2m upgrade to our MRI scanner ensuring that it remains at the forefront of this specialist area of diagnostic technology.

The upgraded magnet is now equivalent to a brand new Magnetom Avanto 1.5T scanner and is currently unequalled by any competitor in terms of image quality, flexibility, patient comfort and ease of use.

The outcome is a marked improvement in diagnostic performance in all areas including urology, angiography, orthopaedics, breast and pelvic scans.

We, at the Worcestershire Imaging Centre, are immensely proud of our 18 year history of diagnostic healthcare providing a non-hospital based MRI facility in a a relaxed and stress-free environment. Our independently owned centre scan private and NHS patients and is recognised by all the main insurers.

Our friendly and caring MRI radiography team look forward to welcoming your patients to the centre to provide an exceptional MRI diagnostic service, which will help you formulate a more comprehensive treatment plan for your patients.

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