When might an MRI scan not be suitable?

If you have any of the following you may not be able to have a scan:

If this applies to you, you must telephone the Centre since it may mean that MRI is not a safe examination for you. This will ensure that you do not make a wasted journey to our Centre.


Occasionally the Radiologist will require the use of a contrast medium called Gadolinium. This is to demonstrate certain features in a scan and may be given intra venously or into a joint. Allergic reactions are extremely rare.

Helpline 01905 771 500


Do you need an MRI scan? Refer yourself for an appointment with Worcestershire Imaging Centre.

Our self-referral form includes some important safety questions. Once these are satisfied, we will be able to book in your scan.


Need to refer your patient for an MRI? A referral form can be downloaded below.

A full list of contra-indications, including early pregnancy and patients with a Heart Pacemaker, can be found on our website here.