MRI Scans for a Painful Knee

If you are suffering from knee pain, an MRI scan can demonstrate several abnormalities in the knee, which could be any one of the following:

  • Damage to your articular cartilage (the covering of the bone end), which is a common finding and may be caused by an acute injury, wear and tear or arthritis of the joint.
  • Less common is a tear of the meniscus (sometimes called the cartilage). This is often the result of any twisting injury, which commonly occurs in sport, or which can occur in daily activities of living.
  • Damage to one of the ligaments of the knee, such as a cruciate ligament or a collateral (side ligament). Ligament damage is often a result of injury caused doing sport or from any type of trauma.

Many of these injuries require an MRI scan to either make a diagnosis or confirm the diagnosis and so enable the correct treatment to be commenced by your GP.

An MRI scan for knee pain in 5 simple steps

  1. Ask your clinician for an MRI Scan Referral
  2. Call 01905 771 500 to book your scan
  3. Attend our MRI imaging centre, which is conveniently located in Droitwich
  4. Your scan will be reported by an experienced Radiologist or Specialist
  5. Visit your clinician to discuss the results